Broadfield Community Centre

Broadfield Barton, Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 9BA, telephone 01293 531337



We hire out our facilities to the public at very competitive rates.

Hourly Rates from 1st October 2022

Main Hall & Youth Hall £18.00 £30.00  
Social Hall £19.00 £35.00  
Small Hall £13.50 £20.00  
Meeting Room £12.00    
AV Equipment £10.00 per booking

Non-refundable booking fee

25 is required to book. This fee will be deducted from the final invoice.

Refundable deposits

200 is required for Private and Commercial bookings.
£100 is required for events for under 14-year-olds.

The deposit will be refunded after the event subject all the terms and conditions of the bookings being met and the Centre’s property remaining undamaged.

All rates are subject to review by the Trustees of the Centre.

For further information on what we can offer, and to arrange a booking, please contact us either by post, phone or e-mail. You can download a Hire Application Form for printing here. (PDF)



  • Activity registered as a Charity with a registration number issued by the Charity Commission and/or
  • A Community service/activity that requires paid employees but which invests monies gained outside of its revenue costs back into the group/activity to enhance that activity for the greater good of the community of Broadfield and/or
  • Activity/group/service governed by an elected or nominated committee with Officers and clearly defined written terms of reference or constitution and/or
  • Activity/group/service designed to promote the well being of the community or sections of the community through meeting an expressed or defined need and/or
  • An activity which provides no personal profit or gain to any single individual or group of individuals.

Health and Education

  • Activity/services designed to promote good health within the community of Broadfield and/or
  • Activity promoted through recognised health agencies designed to inform or train groups or individuals in the community on health issues and/or
  • Activity being promoted (for profit or non-profit) designed to engage individuals or groups of individuals in physical activity and/or
  • Specific projects or initiatives with defined objectives and agreed timescales focused on health and/or education issues and/or
  • Tutorial classes (for profit or non-profit) of a cerebral or physical nature, designed to educate, inform, or to achieve a personal level of physical fitness and/or
  • Seminars, conferences or meetings of a general nature focused on health or education issues.

Private or Family Social

  • Family or Social functions designed to celebrate special events and anniversaries and/or
  • Family or Social events that for whatever reason are the cause for parties or celebration and/or
  • Religious events that include family or social celebration as an integral part of the event or as an additional element and/or
  • Family or Social functions that include the consuming of food and drink whether prepared on the premises or not.

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